How did I end up turning a Routemaster bus into a fully fledged bar, with lounge, for events?

RML 2355 in service circa 1975

Well, it all started with my continues obsession with old vehicles. Be it a Lancaster bomber, an Izetta BMW or a cool traction engine. I love em all! I’ve always tried to make my everyday work as enjoyable as possible so I have always strived to include old vehicles in my job description.

Thus far it’s been fairly successful. The classic car meeting at a cafe I used to own did more than raise the sales on the day, it put the cafe on the map, such was the success. So when I came across a bus on a classic car website that had been turned into a bar (RML2690 currently used by my competitors/friends) I gasped in amazement! I had to own one! In my mind this was the greatest way to incorporate an old vehicle and my line of work. I immediately tried to purchase this bus but sadly I was beaten to it. knowing that I’d never find another like it I knew there was one one thing for it, build my own!

Cool, I’m going to build my own mobile bus bar. All I need is a bus……Where on earth does one find an old Routemaster bus?

Where on earth does one find an old Routemaster bus to convert into a mobile bus bar!?

The next 3 months of my life were a combination of internet searching and driving to various locations in the country to look at buses. There were never more than 2 for sale at any time and I did nearly buy a couple but both were in a terrible state and hugely overpriced. In this mother of all searches I did come across the Routemaster Association.

You might think that it is just a group of geeky blokes talking about buses and you’d be bang on!!!

What they did have though was a Facebook page which posted every Routemaster related item for sale at any time in the world. Check them out here!

And suddenly on one fine day (10th of September 2013 to be exact) I saw this!

RML 2355, the first time I saw her