The bus was expensive but in a lot better state than any I’d seen before.

Geek info warning:

The bus that I found was the RML rather than the RM which is slightly longer, good for mobile catering. You need all the space you can get. This particular bus aslo had the Cummins engine which is no good for a collector (they prefer the original AEC unit) but perfect for the user. My bus has to be reliable! The bits for this engine are also still available and surprisingly affordable.

All in all it was perfect. So, what happened next, you might wonder?

  • I called
  • We traveled
  • We viewed
  • I haggled
  • I failed
  • I paid
  • We drove back

I did have to convince an outside investor put in a little extra ££££ but he agreed and before I had time to take a deep breath I had a genuine 1965 AEC Routemaster London Double Decker bus sitting in a very large barn!

RML2355 at her new address