I need this mobile bar back on the road, so here‘s what’s going to happen…

mobile bar
When I suggested the wild plan, a couple of years ago to build this mobile bar my dad did at one point say: “So the reliability of this vehicle is going to be key!” I can still hear him say it and my god it has been relevant this week.

Here comes the boring bit….

When the bus is put under load i.e. draws the most fuel, it starts to blubber. In my mind (which has very limited knowledge) it feels like its not getting enough fuel. So that would suggest a block or a leak. I started by checking the fuel filter. This was replaced but sadly this made no change. When the bus has stood for some time it also runs fine for about the first 30 minutes so this suggest dirt settling, probably in the tank. I’ve checked all the fuel lines and there does not appear to be a leak. There certainly is no fuel on the floor once it’s parked up.

What is causing this!?

We have to go way back to 2015 when I was still building the bus when I was forced to spend nearly £2000 on getting the diesel pump rebuilt. It was a last minute thing and was not budgeted for. The man who rebuilt it said: “This pump is full of s**t and is so clogged up it’s like someone put fertilizer in your diesel tank!”
I did think for a while “who would do this?” and I had my suspicions but in the end my mechanic and I deduced it down to possible Diesel Bug or simply s**t in the tank. So how do you remove dirt out of a Routemaster bus tank!?

The solution to getting this mobile bar back on the road!

I was then told that the tank would have to come out and be cleaned. That’s easy to say but not so easily done. Because of the construction of it, the bus would have to go on a ramp. 7.5 tone + ramps are not that easy or cheap to come by and I’d have to drive the bus there…. Not an option! I’ve spent enough time on the side of the road! So in 2015 I put it off. I did change the filters on a regular basis and kept a close eye on things. The bus was then totally reliable for nearly 3 years. But I fear that the same problem might have come back around to haunt me and I should’ve listened to the experts in the first place.
They’re called experts for a reason you Kn**he*d!!
So to get our mobile bar back on the road I have no choice, this tank has to come out.

Ya gotta have a go yourself!

Instead of figuring some way of getting our mobile bar to some ramp I have come up with a plan! It does not involve digging a pit (Although that could be done.) I’m gonna jack my bus up and stick it on blocks….. Yes, I am slightly mental!

I’m gonna jack it up…..

Now jacking a car up is easy. but this ain’t no car!!
My co-inhabiter at the barn/mate/all round good guy, Isn’t scared of working on big stuff. He’s a mechanic, tree surgeon, inventor… the list goes on. Upon my return of the journey we’re never going to mention again (iTV) Him and I discussed the possible problems and half way through he said, “Lets just jack the bus up, stick it on blocks and pull that tank out!” My response was: Is that even possible!? He’s reply was pretty much: “what you doing Wednesday?”
So we are going for it. The job itself is easy. A bit of cleaning  really but it’s just getting to the place that needs it. Wish us luck. I’ll be sure to post some pictures up. Let’s hope it don’t fall over…..

See you all next time for some more mobile bar “in that air” fun!