The horse racing world likes our Routemaster Mobile Bus Bar.

Routemaster bus bar at the races
The call came in the summer last year. It was a request for our bus to be used by a well known race course. It wasn’t a one off… I was a tryout for 4 events. these are the kind of calls that you wish came in every week!!

Why the races!?

Race courses have regular events on all year around. Every single course though has those few days of the year when they go all out. When all the good ponies turn up, when all the TV cameras turn up etc etc..

The problem the actual course has is simple, volume!

Racecourses predominantly make money at the bars. Like all the other events and shows it’s about the business and the turnover. On these busy days the facilities at most race courses simply cant cope. This is where we come in!

Routemaster mobile bus bar in full swing
This particular image pretty much describes why these companies need the extra outlets on their big days. Their existing facilities are just not up to the task! Sadly I wasn’t actually at this event to witness the crowds surround our wonderful bus. There in lies the other huge positive about these racecourse deals…..

We provide the bus, they run the bar!

When this picture was taken I was at home, watching TV. This is the beauty of renting her out “dry” Of course ya gotta make sure you get her back in one piece!!! So here I was hoping to catch a glimpse of my beloved Routemaster bus bar on TV. There was a big cheer by my family as I walked back in the room to see our bus in the background but the best bit was yet to come. The next day, itv decided to make use of it! Why not ay!?

To my own astonishment they used the live footage!

I was amazed and yes there was another big cheer in my parents living room as the inside of the bus appeared live on itv. Non of this is direct advertising but it’s still good to know that she’s TV worthy. I must speak to this presenter though because without any warning he puts his dirty shoes on my table!!! ;)

How dare that man stand on my table!

Overall I was extremely pleased with the result and I have had subsequent calls from various racecourses around the country to partake on big days for exactly the same reason. These types of deals are regular and involve multiple events. This is the kind of trade we want for our little Mobile Bus Bar Company!
Routemaster mobile bus bar on race course
So because of all this racecourse fun we’ve now even gained a new skill. How to drive a bus on a racecourse. I asked a while back if there was anybody that had driven a Routemaster on a racecourse. Turns out the chaps at Big Red Bus Bar had done so…… There is always one…… Show offs  ;)

For more Routemaster bus bar videos by Bar ML 2355 check out our youtube channel!

We’ve got some pretty exiting things coming your way that involve our second bus so keep your eyes peeled for some more Routemaster Mobile Bus Bar action! Pete