An update on Pete And His Bus the show. Want to be part of our launch party!?

pete and his bus mobile bus bar to be

First of, Filming…

I’ve been working hard to figure out a way to finance the build and film this documentary. Camera crews don’t come in all that cheap even though the boys I’m working with have offered me a good deal. One way of reducing the cost will be to have my own filming capabilities. So the hunt has been on for camera equipment. Luckily I have a friend who specializes in this. He has a very popular Youtube channel about cameras and he has been superb! All the knowledge and then some!! Check it out HERE!
Thank you Duncan!
Pete and his bus camera for mobile bus bar

The launch party!

For those of you who want to join us for the launch party (once the bus is complete) we have a way for you to secure a spot. 150 places have been allocated but some of them have already been taken. To secure your spot you’ll have to become a patreon. What does that mean, you ask? To sign up all you need to do is donate the equivalent of $5 per month (£3.89) and you’re place will be secured. This money will go directly to the film crews and their cost. See the link below and PLEASE sign up! It’ll be worth it trust me! Just have two coffees less per month!

Don’t for get to also like ans subscribe to our youtube channel!

With over 50 subscription and nearly 800 views in one week, I’m very pleased with our first video’s performance. It can always be better though ay!!

Thank you all for your support and hopefully see you all soon! P