We have lots of exciting things happening for our Routemaster bus bar!

Routemaster doubledecker mobile bus bar
As some of you may know I was in talks with the Channel 4 George Clark Amazing Spaces team to perhaps feature my second bus build as part of their show. They were interested in featuring the bus as one of their episodes. I umed and erred because I felt I wasn’t quite ready to start the build. There is the small matter of £25k to sort it and I need new premises if I’m going to house 2 fully restored buses. I do feel that the build has more to offer than just one episode on their show so I decided out send some emails to various people I know that work in television industry (Not many that is) and seeing what they had to say about it. Turns out people think this is a good idea! A really good idea so much so that I’ve had all of the contacted parties reply and tell me so.

I can’t say too much….

Now, without giving too much away, some of the people that I contacted thought it was such a good idea they’ve proposed to work with me on this project. The actual build of the bus was not the only thing they were interested in filming. They fancy joining me on the road! FUN!! So it looks like my blog might not just be in written form for too much longer. What I can say is that the individuals I had a meeting with seem very keen and their product is highly professional. So sadly all you’ll get at this point in time is……..wait for it…….yes, that’s right……. Watch this space!

Watch this space!!! This does create our next problem for our mobile bus bar……..

Routemaster mobile bus bar storage
I am very lucky with the space that I have available to me but I have out grown it. Don’t forget that these buses are 30 foot long and 15 foot high. I’m also quite fussy and all this stuff needs to be indoors and on hard standing ground. Red vehicles left in the sun light will fade and I don’t intend to paint the first bus any time soon! It was a big enough ordeal the first time around and remember I will be painting the second one soon. So I’ve been on the lookout for new premises. Luckily I live in the country and there are a lot of farms around us. Finding the right space though is not that straight forward. I could look for an industrial unit but I find the prices soooo outrages. You’d be looking at 25000 per calendar year. This morning I went to see a space on a privately owned farm and It was perfect PERFECT, the drive though…. not so perfect. It wouldn’t be extremely tough to turn around and there are a number of low hanging branches. Such a shame, they were lovely people. My hunt for the right place will continue. If any of you fine people know of somewhere in the south east of England please do let me know!

The Christmas approach and FAD drinks…

We are very fortunate to have a few appointments for our bus this month even though we’re technically out of season. We’ll be the Christmas bar for a few companies scattered around the south of England. There has been a surprising amount of demand for quality whiskey’s. Perhaps the Pale Ale and Gin “thing” is finally starting to wear off. I love both but it was getting a tad boring. The drink “fad’s” are funny. Prosecco up until 2 years ago merely a cheap alternative to Champagne. Now!? The “coolest” thing since the fidget spinner………. If you don’t know what a Fidget Spinner is than, well done! You’ve missed nothing !!!  What I always find very entertaining is remembering drinks that just disappeared.

  1. Arches (still see it sometimes but not like we used to)
  2. Malibu (I remember being very sick on this and then never touching it again..)
  3. Smirnoff Ice (It tried to make a comeback but it failed)
  4. Hooch (90’s Classic)
  5. Metz (what actually was that?)
  6. K cider (Embarrassing, I know)
  7. Bacardi Breezers……..
  8. After Shock (hahahahaha)

The list goes on and on.. What will get shelved next and what will be the next “cool” drink!?

Tell us what your favorite drink is for the festive period and remind of old once you used to enjoy. I’m sure there is lots I’ve missed out!

And last but not least for this week, check out a few photo’s from a nice summers day and evening with our Routemaster Mobile Bus Bar.

Routemaster mobile bus bar wedding
Routemaster bus bar wedding
Routemaster bus bar wedding
These lovely photos where taken by my good friend Samantha Wordie who’s website is: www.wordiephotography.com

Hopefully see you all soon for some more Routemaster bus bar excitement! Peter