Routemaster Mobile bus Bar Goes Viral!

So, here I am promoting my Routemaster Mobile bus bar as much as I possibly can. I’m doing about 4/5 hours on online work to try and find a way to get my newly built bus bar out there. Some days

Routemaster mobile bus bar goes corporate!

After the wet weekend as our first show I managed to convince the owners of a certain London Golf Show to have my bus as part of their show and be able to serve their customers as they came

Routemaster Mobile Bus Bar Custom Banners

I did a total 180 degrees on the banner side of my new business. As I originally set out to run actual bars I thought “My own banner on the side, that’ll do!” How wrong was I! About 3 months in I had a

The first Routemaster Mobile Bus Bar outing!

There are some key elements in the events world that you learn pretty quickly. My previous experience in this field has always been local car meetings based. To say the least, this was something

Routemaster mobile bus bar finishing touches!

We’re coming in for a smooth landing and it looks like we’re only going to be delayed by 1 year………. As per usual with big, new and exciting projects you always tend totally under estimate how much

Routemaster bus bar build continued!

Just because our Routemaster mobile bus bar is all painted and polished on the outside don’t mean it’s ready to go. Also, I at this stage I was suffering with all the annoying jobs that get left till the