The snag list on our Routemaster Mobile Bus Bar!

Let’s travel back in time a little and ignore the fact that the second bus is approaching it’s build. We go back to having just finished our first couple of events and I suddenly knew all the bit’s that needed

Did we manage to move Routemaster Mobile Bus Bar number 2?

So, the deal was done. I had agreed a price and made a payment a week later. My trusted mechanic wasn’t available for some time so it had to sit in that dreaded car park a little longer. Then the worst

What’s better than owning a Routemaster Mobile Bus Bar? Owning 2 Routemaster Mobile Bus Bars! (Obvs)

I used to run a cafe. This cafe was put on the map by creating a classic car event that almost out grew the business itself. A few regular hikers, that used to frequent the business caught wind of

Our mobile Routemaster bus bar gets it’s very own video, but check the outtake!!

It is amazing how tricky and difficult it is to actually create a decent advertising video. I knew I had to have a professional involved! In my case I got lucky. One of my best friends is an artist of many

Routemaster Bus Bar On Tour!

The call had come in and it was legit… The amount of bogus claims and empty promises in the events industry is borderline comical. This was the real deal though. A large brewery also known as

How reliable is our 1965 Routemaster mobile bus bar!?

My father asked me: So is your entire business model based on the fact that this old bus has to reach a certain destination? I had no answer. He was right and you could say that it COULD be the weak point of my operation. This became ever so clear when, upon the return of our first gig ever the the bus refused to start.