Has our mobile bar been repaired!?

Did it work? Has it solved our horrible running issue? Well it took a little longer because I found another issue with her whilst I was underneath……

What did we find in our Mobile Bar fuel tank!!??

Luckily fuel tanks on Routemaster buses (our mobile bar) are quick release. I started to drain all the fuel but it was pouring out very slowly. I poked a screwdriver in the drain and then it came out at a

Mobile bar up in the air. Did it work?

Like I said last week, my friend Ben has no issues with working on big stuff and he said with full confidence that he’d be able to put my bus around 2/3 foot up in the air to service the diesel tank. So here

How do we fix our mobile bar!?

When I suggested the wild plan, a couple of years ago to build this mobile bar my dad did at one point say: “So the reliability of this vehicle is going to be key!” I can still hear him say it and my god it

Mobile bus bar (Peter And His Bus) on itv……nearly..

All these phrases are correct and valid when I reflect upon the day I went through. It all started with a lovely conversation about appearing on itv’s This Morning show with our bus. I was asked to

Peter and his bus on TV!

As some of you already know Pete And His Bus, The Show is very busy being filmed. But we recently hit a bit of luck. Not only were we approached by George Clarke Amazing Spaces to do some filming