Pete And His Bus on Top Gear in 360 degrees!!

Some time ago I was approached by a lovely lady who said her boyfriend was part of the Top Gear team and wondered if my bus could be used as a feature on a Top Gear stunt for YouTube………Errrrr hmmmm let me think……. If i must…. ;)

Pete And His Bus, Episode 4: The Plan

The bus starts, runs and drives! RESULT!! What am I going to do with it though? Find out right here and right now as I reveal the plan for our second bus. For more info check out the rest of our website:

Pete And His Bus, Episode 3: Coming home

It’s that time to find out what actually happens next. After all the hassle to get our bus going last time I’m now ready to attempt to drive my new favorite possession to its new home! Will i make it?

Pete And His Bus Episode 2: Does it Drive?

I guess the big question is whether I bought a pile of metal or if I bought a fully working bus. The locals figured it would only leave on a low loader. Check out if I proved them wrong!

Pete And His Bus – Episode 1: The Bus

It has been nearly a year to the day that the cameras started rolling on Pete And His Bus and I am very exited to announce that the first episode is FINALLY here and we are hereby launching Pete And His

Pete and his bus: A sneak peek!

I’ve been hard at work getting the first half of the new doc filmed. It’s incredible how much work goes into doeing this but thus far I am very pleased with the results. I’ve also shot a little sneak peek of