Pete And His Bus, Episode 17: Catch Up

I know it has been a while but I’m back from all my adventures and I’m here to tell you what I’ve been up to.

Pete And His Bus, Episode 16: Red Approach

The event’s industry is starting to wake up and it’s reeking havoc with my bus build. I guess I do have to actually do some work sometimes…. Watch as I prep and paint some bits that come with

Pete And His Bus, Episode 15: Colouring In

Can you believe it!? I can’t! It’s that time to ACTUALLY put some “mid-red” on the bus. The amount of work that has been done to make this happen is quite unbelievable. But rest assured it’s going

Pete And His Bus, Episode 14: Mask Up

I’ve been going on about this paint job for such a long time you must all be gagging to see some colour on my lovely bus. Well, I’m very close! There is still the small job of masking up 55 bits of

Pete And His Bus, Episode 13: Prime Time

Because of the location where I operate and the fact that I work all by my self I WILL be able to carry on creating videos for you all to watch. To be honest the barn and my bus have been a bit of a

Pete And His Bus, Episode 10: The Sanding saga

It has been the longest, most bad ass, coolest and the hardest to create! But I feel it has totally been worth it. It’s amazing how much work goes into creating 12 minutes worth of video! I could’ve just

Pete And His Bus, Episode 9: What’s Left?

Hi all, It’s that time again, here is the next episode of Pete And His Bus. I’d like to thank all the new Facebook members and especially all of you who have been sharing your own bus info and imagery!

Pete And His Bus, Episode 8: The Body

I’ve had a really good time filming this week and I actually feel like I’m making some progress! I also feel as people are actually starting to watch my show. Judging by the amount of you that have recently

Pete And His Bus, Episode 7: The hatches

This time on Pete And His Bus I’m going to take you through the process of creating the hatches on the side of our beloved bus.

Pete And His Bus, Episode 6: What did I find..

It has been another busy time at Pete And His Bus. I’ve also been flat out with running my existing mobile bus bar (Bar ML 2355) that has had it’s best season EVER this summer. It is the first bus that is