On with my Routemaster bus bar build!

My journey of the bus bar build continues

Some history about RML 2355

So before we continue with our build lets look at where our bus has been up until now. When my bus was built in 1965, I would not be born for another 16 years. So I can’t give you any direct info on what

Where do I start?

That’s right, the bus was actually in my work shop at this point. This is all well and good but where on earth do you start with a conversion like this. Having seen the other bus on the market

The purchase!

The bus that I found was the RML rather than the RM which is slightly longer, good for mobile catering. You need all the space you can get.

How to build and run a mobile bus bar by barml2355

Well, it all started with my continues obsession with old vehicles. Be it a Lancaster bomber, an Izetta BMW or a cool traction engine.