A Shiny Routemaster Bus Bar!

So, we have reached that stage. “The fun bit!” Actually I take it back. It’s fun for about 2 panels then it just becomes hard work. A mate of mine said to me once, “Did ya have to pick a bloody Routemaster,

Let’s get this bus that is a bar painted!

Just before I continue we have to take a few steps backwards. This bus RML2355 is one of the very few RMLs that was originally green in colour.. Therefor I should actually paint it green rather than red.

Routemaster bus bar body prep continued!

In between me getting the pink paint on the bus and messing up the surface and having to re-sand the entire thing there were many evenings spent filling in and rubbing down dent’s in the bodywork.

Lets get this Routemaster mobile bus bar ready for paint!

I thought to myself: What can be so hard…. Famous last thought…. In all fairness, I have worked as a painter and decorator in the past and I’m not totally incapable of managing a smooth surface. I also

Double decker mobile bus bar build continued

So at this stage the upstairs was complete and the down stairs was virtually in place. A few items still to be covered were:

Routemaster mobile bus bar fixtures and fittings!

With the the lines and coolers installed it was time to add all the bits required downstairs to actually operate as a bar. Here is a rough outline of all the bits still to be added.