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Mobile bar up in the air. Did it work?

Like I said last week, my friend Ben has no issues with working on big stuff and he said with full confidence that he’d be able to put my bus around 2/3 foot up in the air to service the diesel tank. So here

How do we fix our mobile bar!?

When I suggested the wild plan, a couple of years ago to build this mobile bar my dad did at one point say: “So the reliability of this vehicle is going to be key!” I can still hear him say it and my god it

Peter and his bus on TV!

As some of you already know Pete And His Bus, The Show is very busy being filmed. But we recently hit a bit of luck. Not only were we approached by George Clarke Amazing Spaces to do some filming

Pete and his bus, the show is coming!

With the success of the first bus build and it now being fully active in the industry it is time to decide how to move forward. In this world nothing ever stands still, it’s either growing or shrinking! So to move

Double decker bus bar excitement!

As some of you may know I was in talks with the Channel 4 George Clark Amazing Spaces team to perhaps feature my second bus build as part of their show. They were interested in featuring the bus as